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Redditch Borough Council is reminding residents to be on their guard against scammers pretending to be from the council.

It comes after a Church Hill resident contacted police to report having cash snatched from their hand by an unidentified caller who said they were from the council.

Always check the identity of anyone who calls at your home or wants your details. Borough council staff won’t cold call you about paid work or any kind of unsolicited payment. Anyone who does while claiming to be from the council is an impostor out to scam you - or worse.

Furthermore, anyone working for or on behalf of the council always carries official ID and is happy wait if you want to verify they’re legitimate by calling the council on 01527 64252. If they don’t, they could be an impostor.

Redditch Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Safety Cllr Nyear Nazir said: “Anyone can say they’re from the council. But can they prove it? Only legitimate council staff can do that, and we will be happy to do so, leaving the scammers exposed. The best way to protect yourself from the scoundrels is not to take their word for it, and take a moment to check they are who they say they are.”

Leader of the Council Cllr Matt Dormer added: “It’s a scam as old as the hills unfortunately and it’s one of the reasons why the council has put specific standards in place right across all our services. In that way, people can know what to expect from our staff - and it’s a standard the criminals simply can’t meet.”

If you or someone you know might want extra support to help give cold callers the cold shoulder, you can contact the Nominated Neighbour scheme.

Nominated Neighbour enables residents to direct callers and visitors to a trusted neighbour to confirm their identity first. It’s proven to deter cold callers before they even knock on the door, because they won’t want their details checked. 

Suspected rogue traders can be reported to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06, or you can report illegal or suspicious activity to the Police on 101. Always dial 999 if it’s an emergency.

R21044 Beware Impostor Scams

Pictured above: A Nominated Neighbour window sticker, which helps to deter cold callers.