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Redditch residents and busies owners whose lives have been affected by Covid-19 are being urged to share their stories as the Council strives to slash the rising virus figures across the Borough in time for Christmas.

Currently Redditch has the highest number of cases per 100,000 in Worcestershire, seeing a recent 66% increase.

Council bosses want to create a video which brings all these tales together in a bid to remind people about the impact of Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions which could apply after this last lock down comes to an end.

From small or large businesses who have had to close their doors to residents who haven't been able to visit loved ones and be by their bedsides in the their final hours, the video will bring together real life stories and experiences to be shared.

Redditch Borough Council Leader Matt Dormer, who is fronting the project, said: “I am utterly dismayed about these figures and they cannot continue to rise.

“We have been in the throes of this pandemic since March and I think people are becoming complacent and so we want to remind them what an impact this virus is having on our neighbours and communities.

“This lock down is not the end – unless we get the figures down then we will face further hard-hitting restrictions in the run up to Christmas and who knows, maybe beyond.

“Christmas festivities aren't a ‘given’ and I for one don't want to spend this time without my friends and family around me.”

The Council wants to hear from people who are happy to share their story on video as soon as possible so it can be spread across the Borough immediately.

Portfolio-holder Cllr Mike Rouse, who is managing the project, said: “For those people who have been lucky enough not to be impacted too adversely by Covid 19, we want to remind them that this is having an dramatic effect on the local economy and the mental health of our residents, some of whom have been locked down since March.

“We want to provide a hard-hitting message featuring real people with real stories so people will Stay at Home, only make essential trips, wear masks wear possible, keep a social distance and, quite simply, wash your hands!”

If you want to share your story contact us here.