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“We will continue to do our bit for as long as we can, secure in the knowledge that others will continue to light a candle long after us.” - Gena Turgel MBE, survivor of the Holocaust (1923-2018)

Redditch residents are being called upon to get involved in the next Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) event, due to take place virtually in January.

Due to the current Government restrictions and it being very unlikely that larger gatherings will be allowed early in the New Year, the 2021 HMD event will be run virtually and the council are encouraging groups, organisations and individuals to get involved by writing poetry or a speech.

During the Holocaust and other genocides, those persecuted wrote poetry to express their feelings of loss, suffering and hope. Survivors wrote poetry afterwards as a response to their experiences. Writing, reading and sharing poetry can be a creative way to bring people together, even if you are not able to physically join together.

The event will ‘go live’ on 26th January, the day before the National Holocaust Memorial Day. Exact details will be released closer to the time.

Poetry entries should be read aloud, recorded and sent to the council for inclusion. Interested parties can send their videos, filmed in landscape, to us via email by 11th Jan 2021.

Boon Yeng, from Redditch Holocaust Memorial Committee, said: “It will be great if the people of Redditch can get inspired to create a poem or a creative piece to help us mark this important day.

“Usually our event involves schools, singing groups, dance groups, individual speakers, invited guests, but with the current situation, we are unable to do so.

“We would love as many people as possible to get involved either by video or by watching the event so that we can make sure that the atrocities of the past are not forgotten or repeated.”

More information and ideas on the poetry writing can be found here.

Holocaust Memorial Day exists to help us honour the memory of all victims of genocide and atrocity in the world and to strive to ensure that we do not allow such things to occur again.

The theme for this year’s HMD is “Be the light in the darkness”. Holocaust Memorial Day itself is on Monday January 27. For more information about the international campaign visit