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Residents of Paddock Lane in Oakenshaw may see some disruption over the next eight weeks whilst parking improvement work takes place.

The car park between numbers 90 and 150 will have a complete overhaul to make it safer and more useable, including removing roots running underneath that have caused it to break up and become dangerous.

The work will begin from 2nd September with necessary tree felling and the removal of a raised planter. Council contractors will then resurface the entire parking area, reline it, and finish off with traditional kerbs and edging so that it is in keeping with the surrounding area.

During this time the car park will be closed, and any cars in it should be removed on or before 1st September to avoid access issues.

The council will also be reviewing the disabled parking bays in the car park which are currently allocated to specific households. Residents who already have a disabled bay, or who need one but don’t currently have one, are requested to please get in touch with the council on the details below as soon as possible prior to the completion of these works.

The work will take approximately eight weeks to complete.

Guy Revans, Redditch Borough Council’s Head of Environmental Services, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope to keep disruption to a minimum. The nature of this work means that closing the car park is in the best interest of local residents, to avoid any health and safety issues and enable our contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible.

“Cutting down trees is not something that we like to do and is not a decision we take lightly. It is however the best option in this instance to ensure the spaces can be made safer, bigger and easier for our residents to access.

“I would urge any residents who need or would like to keep their disabled bay to get in touch sooner rather than later so that we can plan for the relining of the car park ahead of time and avoid the need to revisit in the future.”

For more information on the works or the council’s improved parking scheme, contact Matthew Mead on 01527 64252 3345 or email

Pictured below

The car park needs repair including where tree roots cause damage.

Paddock -lane -car -park -roots

Paddock -lane -car -park -surface