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Options for changes to the tests that ensure taxi drivers in Redditch are medically fit to drive are out for public consultation.

Taxi drivers are currently required to pass an examination, including a drug test, by a specific Redditch Borough Council-approved medical practitioner. This test is then repeated every five years and annually once over they are over 65.

This medical fitness is part of the ‘fit and proper person’ test that is required to hold a taxi license from the borough council. The council can revoke or suspend the license of anyone that fails.

New options on how the tests could be done are now out to consultation.

They include whether the tests could be done by any registered GP or the applicant’s own, whether they should only be required every five years for those aged over 45, and whether the drug test should be replaced with spot checks with no or short notice.

The council is inviting comments on the proposals, or suggestions of any potential alternatives.

Simon Wilkes, Head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) which provides licensing services to the council, said: “As licence holders driving paying passengers on public roads, it’s important to assess that drivers are medically fit to drive hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. How that is done in Redditch is now under review, and the council is keen to hear from all interested parties on the proposed changes.”

Take part in the consultation here. It will close for comments on the 14th of February 2020.