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For four-legged friends November 5th going with a bang is not ‘paw-some’.

Worcestershire’s Animal Welfare Officer Pip Singleton is urging residents to attend organised events and not let off fireworks at home.

Pip, who works for Worcestershire Regulatory Services, said: “Nowadays with such easy access to fireworks, Bonfire night can drag on for weeks.

“This is stressful to all pets, from dogs to cats and rabbits to horses, especially when the bangs are in close proximity to them.”

“Organised events are safer for everyone and are generally held within a week.”

To protect your pet during firework season, here’s some top tips:

  • If you are going out leave the radio on, low, so it will disguise the bangs
  • Keep pets indoors
  • Make them a snuggly den out of blankets, creating a place for them to hide
  • Take dogs for walks and exercise horses in the daylight
  • Check under bonfires for hibernating wildlife before lighting
  • Consider homeopathy remedies, plug-ins etc to help relax your pet.
  • If organising an at home celebration, consider buying silent fireworks.