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People in Redditch are being asked to rate how easy it is to read and follow the town’s new council housing tenancy agreement, ahead of its potential adoption in October.

The rights and responsibilities of anyone renting a home from Redditch Borough Council, from maintenance responsibilities to the ‘right to buy’, are set out in the document that forms the legal contract between tenant and landlord.

A new revised version is set to replace the current one, after members of the borough council’s Executive Committee agreed in July to send its layout out to consultation.

This means tenants and non-tenants alike can feed back to the council on whether they found the new document easy to follow and to read, and whether it was clear and helpful.

Cllr Craig Warhurst, Redditch Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: “It’s important to us as a landlord that before we introduce an important new document like this we get feedback. The council would like to ensure that people find it easy to read and understand what’s in it.

“The new agreement provides more information on things that matter, that weren’t always detailed before, for example how the council reacts to complaints of anti-social behaviour and nuisance if they happen in your neighbourhood, and lots more besides. We want to be clearer than ever about the rights and responsibilities for both landlord and tenant and to ensure that together we understand the commitments in the housing policies.”

The new 27-page draft of the Housing Tenancy Conditions and Agreement is intended to provide council tenants with as much information as possible relating to both the tenant’s and the landlord’s responsibilities. It features updated language on how council homes can be used, when and why written permissions are required for certain activities, technical definitions including for health and safety and anti-social behaviour, parking, chargeable works, and more.

The consultation is specifically about ease of understanding, and not the legal and contractual matters covered in the agreement, which are defined by legislation and are not under consultation.

The survey will remain open until 9am on Monday 16 September, and after and any changes have been made to the agreement as a result of feedback, a final version is expected to be brought back to the Executive Committee in October for formal adoption.

Take part in the online survey here, or if you are unable to complete it online please contact the council for a paper copy.