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A list of changes proposed to polling districts and stations across Redditch Borough is now out to public consultation.

Residents are invited to view the proposed changes, which are part of an ongoing ‘Polling Places’ review that under government rules must be carried out every five years by councils that run elections.

The reviews consider the provision of reasonable and accessible voting facilities for everyone, sites of polling stations, and other technical matters such as how electoral wards are subdivided. They do not consider ward boundaries, which are a separate matter controlled by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Redditch Borough Council’s review was launched in July, when anyone with an interest in alterations to current electoral arrangements was invited to suggest alternatives. Suggestions received through that process have now been considered by officers and the Electoral Matters Committee of the council, and compiled into the list of proposed changes for consultation.

Darren Whitney, Electoral Services Manager, said: “If you want to comment on the proposals please do so by October 7 so that your comments can be considered by the Electoral Matters Committee, which is where the decisions will be made and the conclusions published, in November.

“I would also remind people of our advice to always check your poll card carefully. Changes to your polling arrangements may result from this and future reviews, which will be at least every five years.”

The proposed changes and information about the “Polling Districts, Places & Stations Review 2019” can be viewed here, or at the Town Hall.

Comments can be made in writing to these contact details until 5pm on October 7. Please mark your comments as for the attention of the Electoral Services Manager.