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There’s plenty more fish in Redditch’s Arrow Valley Lake, thanks to funding from the Borough Council.

Along with the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency, the Council has provided grants to Redditch Federation of Anglers to stop predator birds eating the fish.

On 18th February the lake was stocked with thousands of new fish which is good news for residents who love to fish as a pastime, and for the hundreds of visiting anglers who come from far and wide to fish at the Arrow Valley Country Park, which at over 900 acres is the second-largest central park in the world.

Over the last few years the stock of fish at the lake has been dwindling because of predation by Cormorants, an aquatic bird.

But the federation members have now installed a laser device to deter the birds, and have repaired and introduced fish refuges in the lake.

Redditch Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Cultural Services, Cllr Mike Rouse, said: “We are proud to offer a first-class angling experience here in Redditch, drawing people from all over the country.
“This means we need to maintain our high standards and invest in the lake so it can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.
“For a relatively small cost – shared by the Council and the Angling Trust – we are providing a lot of benefit.”

Redditch Anglers’ Secretary John Bushell said: “These actions we hope will help to restore the quality of fishing on the lake to something like it was about three to four years ago following a decline, mainly caused by cormorant predation.

“The new fish, mainly roach and bream will augment the existing stocks of larger bream and carp and hopefully restore the lake to its former status as one of the best “natural” fishing venues in the Midlands area.”