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Residents are being urged not to get confused as polling cards for the European Parliamentary Elections will be hitting doormats this week.

If a deal to exit the European Union hasn’t been agreed in Parliament the European Elections will take place on 23rd May.

The European Elections are completely separate to the local elections which are still being held on 2nd May. Registered electors can vote at both and will have received a poll card or postal vote for each.

For those electors that might be away on the 23rd May, applications for a postal vote close at 5pm on Tuesday 7th May.

Darren Whitney, Electoral Services Manager, said: “We’re warning electors of poll cards for the European Parliamentary Elections going out, in a bid to reduce the confusion over which election is which and when they should be voting. Electors have the option to vote at both elections; to select their local councillors on the 2nd and members of the European Parliament on 23rd May.”

For more information please contact the council’s Electoral Services Team.