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Residents are being warned to not throw litter out of their cars or risk fines of up to £2,500.

Redditch Borough Council’s Waste Enforcement Team is stepping up patrols in a bid to clean-up the streets.

Earlier this month a fixed penalty notice of £80 was issued to a driver as litter was witnessed being thrown out of the car window.

The Council’s Portfolio-holder for Environmental Services, Cllr Brandon Clayton, said: “We want our residents to take pride in where they live.

“Our staff do a great job keeping our borough clean, but picking up litter costs us all money, which wouldn’t have to be spent if the litter wasn’t dropped in the first place.

“We all need to take responsibility and not drop litter or cigarette butts in the first place – and this includes from our cars.   

“We are passionate about keeping our Borough beautiful and will take the strongest action possible to encourage people to take their litter home.”