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Redditch Borough Council leaders are primed and ready to make tough decisions as they review services in a bid to find £1.5m of savings over the next three years.

Of this, £1.2m needs to be delivered in the next financial year.

The Council’s Auditors, Grant Thornton, today (July 26) published their opinion on the authority’s finances.

It urged the Council to take urgent steps to address the financial challenges it faces.

Council Leader Matt Dormer said: “We have understood, for the last year, that we are going to face financial challenges.

“We know we have to make some significant decisions which could include raising Council Tax and reassessing our levels of services.

“We are not afraid to take the tough decisions required to protect the public purse and are putting the politics to one side to make the changes which will have an immediate positive impact on our services and residents – and provide long-term benefit to the Borough."

The auditors, Grant Thornton, will send a copy of their recommendations to the Secretary of State and the Council will hold meetings to discuss the actions they will take, the first being Audit Committee on July 29th.

Cllr David Thain, who was made portfolio holder for Finance and Corporate Management, after his election in May 2019, said: “Councillors’ inability to make difficult decisions in the past has left the Council’s finances in less than a healthy state. But now we are primed and ready.

“We take great pride in providing our residents with the services they deserve but we also have a responsibility to create a robust financial plan for the future, and we are determined to achieve this.

“I have a plan and Redditch Borough Council, under this leadership, will implement this.”