Fitness Day

As part of National Fitness Day, selected gyms are opening their doors for free to encourage residents to try out their classes and equipment.

Pure Gym, Elite Fitness, Gymophobics, Abbey Hotel and of course Redditch Borough Council’s own Abbey Stadium are taking part in the initiative which was founded in 2011.

Visitors can take part in the usual classes, gym routines and swimming opportunities to mark the event which aims to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity.

The Council’s Portfolio-Holder for Leisure, Cllr Mike Rouse, said: “If you haven’t been to the gym for some years it can be very daunting to visit one.

“But research has shown that not only being more physical helps build fitness – but it also helps provide the feel-good factor!

“I am delighted we are supporting this national event which encourages people to try the facilities in their area and, who knows, it may lead to them to get more physical in the future!”

National Fitness Day is on Wednesday September 26 but you can enjoy the participating facilities across Redditch until September 30th

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You can find out what’s on and which Gyms are taking part here.