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Colourful cartoons of the 1980’s will be taking over Redditch for the next few weeks thanks to an exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum.

The exhibition by Marvel Artist Lee Bradley, which opened at the Council-run museum on Saturday 8th April, will give Redditch youngsters and adults alike the chance to learn more about the iconic characters and relive some childhood memories.

Among the lovable cartoon characters on display will be Spiderwoman, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, Thundercats, He-Man, Transformers, Galaxy Rangers, Centurions, and Inspector Gadget to name but a few.

The museum will have videos and computer games from the era for visitors to watch and play. The exhibition also provides a unique opportunity to purchase Lee’s original artwork.

Lee will be on hand on the 22 and 30 April, to answer questions and demonstrate some of the techniques used to recreate these iconic characters using original artwork and various cartoon styles. He will also be holding two, six week drawing workshops for adults and teens (12 – 18) to develop skills using 80’s cartoons as inspiration. The workshops will look at a different aspect of drawing cartoons, including head shots, body structures, facial expressions, dynamic poses and inking.

The adult course will run for six weeks on the following Tuesdays: 25 April, 2 May, 9 May, 16 May, 23 May and 30 May, and the teen course will run every Thursday from 27 April, on 4 May, 11 May, 18 May, 25 May and 1 June. Both courses cost £30 per person.

On Sunday 7th May, the museum will be holding a celebration event with activities such as laser tag, retro gaming and a cartoons costume competition. An 80’s soundtrack will be provided by Vintage Trax as well as the chance to meet the Marshmallow Man, Ghostbusters and Marc Silk – the voice behind Scooby Doo.

Debbie Lakeman, Education Officer at Forge Mill, said: “This should be a really fun exhibition for both children learning about the characters for the first time, and adults who want to relive some of their childhood memories! Our celebration day is shaping up to be a lot of fun with everything from laser tag to retro gaming. Welcome back to the 1980’s!”

The exhibition will be running until Sunday 14th May. It is free to view the exhibition as part of the cost of museum entry. However, the celebration event day will cost £4 for adults and £1 for children.

For more information go to the Forge Mill website.