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Litter and street cleaning

We all want a clean and safe Redditch. If there is a problem somewhere, please tell us as soon as you can.

We deal with litter, graffiti, fly posting, dog fouling, spillages, syringes, broken glass, removal of dead animals from Council land and sweeping of paths and roads.

We will also collect deceased dogs and cats from the roadside so contact us if your pet is missing.  Once collected the animal will be scanned for a chip, if there is a chip we will contact the registered chip company and try to contact the owner. All animals are retained for a short period of time in a freezer and are then disposed of.

We respond urgently to reports of hazardous waste on Council land such as broken glass, surgical sharps, bodily fluids or dog waste outside schools or on hard surface play areas.

Please complete the online form to report any of the above to us.

More information on how to dispose of your hazardous waste can be found on our Hazardous Waste page.

Online form

Please complete this online form

Uploading a photograph - Important Information

If you upload a photograph to the online form, save the photograph to your device first. Keep the picture within 12 megabytes or it will not upload and will give an error message.

As a Local Authority we collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. You can find out more regarding this and our privacy notice here.