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Litter and dog bins

Well maintained bins play an important part in keeping Redditch clean! If a litter or dog bin is full or damaged, or you think a new bin is needed somewhere, tell us here. We no longer install dog bins but will install a litter bin if one is needed.

Deciding where to put litter bins

We aim to put these bins in the busiest and most suitable places like parks, play areas and bus stops.

We judge all requests on an individual basis.  We cannot always meet all requests.

Emptying bins

We empty every bin routinely.  We change how often we empty our bins based on your feedback, and bins in busy or sensitive areas, like district centres and outside schools, are emptied more frequently.

Repairing bins

We make repairs as quickly as possible, but we may have to wait for replacement parts.  Sometimes we have to remove a bin until it can be repaired. when we replace it.

We always look closely at bins that are repeatedly damaged, to check they are in a suitable location. Sometimes bins in certain areas can be vandalised so often that they have to be moved or even removed.

Online request form

Uploading a photograph

Please note: If you are to upload a photograph to the online form, please save the photograph to your device beforehand and please keep within 12 megabytes total size

As a Local Authority we collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. You can find out more regarding this and our policy notice here.