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Street cleaning service standards

We will:

  • Be friendly and efficient
  • Deliver efficient and effective street cleansing
  • Work with the community to improve cleanliness of the borough
  • Continuously clean the town centre 7 days per week between the hours of 7am and 5pm
  • Mechanically sweep all roads within the borough at least twice a year
  • Respond to hazardous litter within one hour of it being reported
  • Carry out scheduled sweeping, litter picking of all streets and other public land based on need
  • Remove fly-tipping within 48 hours of it being reported, unless it needs to remain for an investigation
  • Provide litter and dog bins wherever possible when requested
  • Take enforcement action against those who drop litter, dump rubbish and allow their dogs to foul
  • Provide an out of hours service for cleansing emergencies
  • Organise litter picks with local schools and communities when requested
  • Monitor and measure the amount of litter in the town and report what we find