Resident and visitor permits

Warning Sign TinyCoronavirus update: The expiry date of all current resident and visitor permits has been extended by three months. Please ensure your permit is clearly displayed in your vehicle. Contact us if you need more information and press here for all our Coronavirus information.

Parking schemes are in place on some roads to improve parking for residents and visitors.

Unless you have a permit to park on these roads, parking is only for the limited period that is indicated on road signs.

Properties within these parking schemes are entitled to up to three residents’ permits for vehicles registered at the property, as well as one visitors’ permit.

Residents’ parking schemes are in place on:

  • Archer Road
  • Beaufort Street
  • Other Road (part)
  • Prospect Hill, South Street

The Smallwood road group which includes:

  • Lodge Road
  • Marsden Road
  • Millsborough Road
  • Mount Street, Summer Street
  • Union Street

Smallwood permit holders can park in any of the roads in that group.

A former scheme in Oakly Road stopped in March 2014.

Apply for parking permits

Complete this application form and send it with proof of residence e.g. a copy of recent utility bill, a bank statement that shows your name and address, or a tax bill, to us here.

Fees and details

Residents’ permits cost £10 each to cover administrative costs.

Vehicles must be registered at the property. Up to three residents’ permits may be issued per property, as well as one free visitors’ permit for the use of bona fide visitors only.

Conditions of use

Here are the conditions of use for both permits