Request us to work on our trees

We can carry out work to trees on our land.  If there is a tree you would like us to work on please complete the form on this page.

Make sure you tell us why you want the work done, including the problems the trees are causing.

An inspector will visit to see what can be done to resolve the problem and will let you know their decision.

Our tree surgeons always work to British Standard 3998:2010 known as best arboricultural practice, which means we won't always carry out work exactly as you request, e.g. we will not reduce the height of trees by removing their tops because this is not good arboricultural practice. We may look to reduce the overall size of the tree or thin the area out by removing certain trees or branches.

We will not remove trees solely due to natural or seasonal processes in a tree’s life cycle, such as fruit fall, leaf fall and sticky residue on vehicles or pathways. In these cases, some works may be possible but they would have to be for the benefit of both the tree and the local area.

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