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Public landscaping

How we maintain our landscape

To keep Redditch looking great, we work all year round carrying out landscape work.

If there is anything you would like us to do in addition to our annual maintenance please let us know.

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Grass Cutting

We mow all of Redditch’s over one million square metres of grass between April and November using a variety of mowers from huge ‘gang’ mowers to small hand-held ones. Depending on the area, some grass is cut several times a year, other areas not so often.

You may have noticed we have started to leave larger areas of grass uncut.  This is to encourage biodiversity.  For more details click here.

Hedge Cutting

Maintenance of hedges starts around April/May and finishes in November, depending on the growing year.  Checks are made to ensure we are not disturbing nesting birds before cutting commences.

To keep the hedges healthy and vigorous they need to be cut regularly. This helps to retain their shape and keep vehicle sight lines, footpaths and entrances clear.

Residential areas

  • Grass cutting: April - mid November (weather permitting)
  • Hedge cutting: April/May - November
  • Winter pruning: Mid November – March
  • Weed Spraying: February - November

Tree Maintenance

We have a dedicated section for Tree Maintenance here


We carry out grass cutting, tree pruning, highway sweeping and a deep cleanse of the verges each year. Highway closures take place to allow this. We also survey mature trees along major carriageways and clear significant overhanging branches.

We leave some grass areas as pollination areas to encourage wildlife to flourish.

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