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My bin hasn’t been emptied

Before you report your bin as missed please check your bin day here.

If you leave the correct bin at the kerbside for 7am on your collection day, we will empty it more than 99.9% of the time.

We can't empty a wrong bin, a late bin, or a bin that hasn't been put out on the kerbside. Nor can we empty an overloaded bin, or a bin that contains the wrong type of waste.

We are only able to visit you once on our rounds, so if we encounter any of the above problems we won't be able to return and empty your bin until your next collection day, which is usually in two weeks.

  1. Always ensure your bin is out for collection on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day
  2. Never overload your bin or fill it with the wrong type of waste - it's your responsibility
  3. If your bin isn't emptied, please correct any problems in time for us to be able to empty your bin on your next collection day.
  4. You are reporting it within 48 hours as we cannot return after this time

Has my bin really been missed?

On occasions it is necessary for the crew to change their route.  This may mean they come to you earlier or later than normal.  If you haven't seen the crew by 5pm please complete the form below.

The wagons fill up and need to be emptied.  This can happen at any point on the round so if the crew leave half way through emptying the bins in your street, this could be the reason.

Some residents have taken up our garden waste service.  This is collected by a separate vehicle to the general waste collection therefore you may have seen the garden waste vehicle and have not been missed.

If after reading the above, you still think we have missed your bin, please click here to report it.