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Garden Waste Customers

As an existing garden waste customer you can manage your service here. 

I would like to:

Pay my bill

If your DD was not taken on April 1st it will be taken on May 1st.  We apologise but a technical error has resulted in some Direct Debit’s not being taken on April 1st.

Replacement Bin

If your bin has been lost or stolen you can request a replacement by completing the online replacement bin form here.

You will need your customer reference number to complete the form which you will find on your invoice.

My Bin hasn't been emptied

Reasons we may not have collected your bin

  • It's the wrong bin
  • You put it out late (after 7am)
  • It's not kerbside
  • It's too heavy
  • It contains the wrong waste

It's your responsibility to make sure these things are correct so we can collect your bin.

What can I put in my bin?

If we come across any of the above problems we will not be able to return and empty your bin until your next collection day, which is usually in two weeks. You will need to correct these problems so we can empty your bin on your next collection day.  Any excess waste you have will need to be taken to the tip.

If after reading the above you think your bin has still been missed you can report it to us here.

I am moving

If you are moving house and are staying within the District you can continue the service and take your bin with you when you move.  Please notify us of this change by using our online moving address form.

Once this is submitted we will update our records and your collection will move to your new address.

If you move within the district and do not take your bin with you, you will be required to pay the full subscription to continue the service at your new address.

Cancel the service

To cancel the service please complete this online cancelation request form. 

There will be no refund issued for any weeks left of the service.  Please leave your bin accessible so we can collect it.