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Warning Sign TinyCoronavirus update: We are very sorry that this service is now suspended, and staff are redeployed to carry out waste collections. Thank you for your patience in these unprecedented cirumstances.

We intend to resume the service as soon as possible, however we do not currently know when the Coronavirus outbreak will die down enough to do so.

At this time missed collections are being credited as future collections on your account. This means that once the service resumes, you will receive all the collections missed during this outbreak.

Press here for all our Coronavirus updates.

Service info (currenly unavailable)

Our garden waste collections provide an easy way to get rid of your compostable garden waste. We provide you with a brown wheelie bin and empty it every 2 weeks during the growing season (9 months - usually March to November).

  • The cost is £45 for 20 collections plus a one off £20 set up fee.
  • You can pay for as many bins as you need.
  • There is only one size of brown bin which is 240 litre.
  • No concessions or part payments available.
  • Refunds will only be made if requested prior to your first collection.

Things that can go in the brown bin:

  1. Grass cuttings
  2. Branches (up to 10cm diameter)
  3. Clippings and leaves
  4. Weeds, plants and flowers

Things that can't go in the brown bin:

  1. Kitchen waste, vegetables and fruit
  2. Any plastic, including bags and bin liners
  3. Turf, soil, rubble, concrete or stones
  4. Animal waste and bedding

Bin liners must not be used in your brown bin.  The composting process takes 14 weeks and even biodegradable liners are not compatible.

What happens to the garden waste once it is collected?

Once bulked up the waste is taken by Severn Waste Services to Hill and Moor composting facility near Pershore. The material is shredded and left to compost naturally in large rows. Once the process has fully completed the material is screened and is ready for use as a soil conditioner called Greengrow. You can find out more about the composting process and how to buy Greengrow here:

How to subscribe to the Garden Waste Service

2020 invoices will be sent out in January 2020.  Please be aware you will still receive an invoice despite paying by Direct Debit but no action will be required.  There is no increase in fee this year.

To subscribe to this service you need to set up a Direct Debit (DD) you can do this by:

  1. Calling us
  2. Download the direct debit form and return to us
  3. Visit our Customer Service Centres

Request a replacement bin / Report a missed bin

Tell us you are moving or to cancel your waste service

We collect from your address, so if you're moving house please let us know so we can update our records. Here is our online form to notify us. You can take your brown bin with you when you move.

To cancel your garden waste service, please complete this online request form.