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Repairs to your home

Here is a copy of the above guide if you prefere to save it or print for your reference


Together we share responsibility for the upkeep of your home as either, tenant, leaseholder or landlord. If you have tried to resolve the repairs under your responsibilities, and the problem persists or has gotten worse, please report them to us as soon as you can, in order to avoid any further damage.

If you are a leaseholder with us, you are responsible for the interior of your property. Any exterior repairs we do to the property, building, or estate, will be charged to in your Annual Service Charge bill in accordance with your lease.

When we receive a report in relation to the repair, based on the information provided, this will inform which priority order it falls within. You may still be contacted about your report to obtain additional information or clarification, which sometimes will require an inspection of your property before work can commence.

It falls within your responsibility to arrange repair of any damage that was caused by you or anyone within your property. If you are unable to resolve the repair and wish for us to complete it on your behalf, then the full cost of repair and administration will be charged to you.

If the property has been damaged due to a crime incident, such as by a break – in or vandalism, we will make your home safe for you.  However, a Police crime reference number is required for the permanent repairs to be completed without additional charge.

Normal Opening Hours are;

9-5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

9-4 Wednesdays

Outside of these hours repairs are directed to our out of hours

Report a non-gas repair

You will find our online form here

Report a gas repair

You can report a gas repair here

Report a boiler repair

See our boilers heating and hot water page.