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Types of tenancy and what they mean

Everyone starts their tenancy as an introductory tenant for one year. There are limits to what you are able to do while you are an introductory tenant. After one year if you have not broken any of our tenancy conditions and we have not had to take action against you, you will automatically become a secure tenant. This means you can continue to live in the property for the rest of your life and you gain more rights.

Here is full information on the types of tenancy from GOV.UK.

Single individuals have ‘sole’ tenancies, or two or more adults can choose to have a ‘joint’ tenancy. There is more information on this below.

Options Introductory tenancy Secure tenancy
Joint tenancy Y Y
Home improvements N Y
Swap properties N Y
Right to Buy N Y
Rent out rooms N Y
Transfer property N Y

Introductory tenancies are one part of our commitment to dealing with tenants who cause problems like serious nuisance, anti social behaviour, or non-payment of rent. If you are an introductory tenant and you break your tenancy conditions or cause us to take action against you we may seek to end your tenancy before you become a secure tenant.