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End a tenancy (Giving notice to quit)

Due to Covid 19 you should consider staying in your current property if at all possible.

Until further notice, Redditch Borough Council is not facilitating or encouraging moves unless in exceptional circumstances.

  • If you have to move or the tenancy has to be ended for any other reason, for example because someone has died, then the tenancy can be ended.

Until further notice, we will not be conducting any property inspections before the tenancy ends. However, you should still follow the rules about what you have to do before handing in keys.

As you are currently not allowed to employ removals assistance, if following the rules is likely to causes a problem, please contact us. Here are our contact details

All the information regarding ending your Tenancy, retracting your notice and our online forms can be found here.

Keys should be labelled with the address, sanitized and either posted to or put into the letterbox box of our buildings at:

Redditch Borough Council,
Cross gates House,
Park Farm Industrial Estate,
Crossgate Road.
B98 7SN


Redditch Borough Council, Town Hall,
Walter Stranz Square
Redditch Town Centre
B98 8AH