End a tenancy

It's easy to end a tenancy with us.

To end a tenancy you must give us at least 28 days notice, ending on a Monday. This is called a notice period.

If you feel you are unable to give us this notice period, please contact us immediately to discuss. If you move without telling us we will charge you rent up to the time that we gain possession of your home.

If you need to extend your tenancy beyond your notice period, let us know in writing immediately. Try to give us at least seven days’ warning.

At the end of your notice period you no longer have the right to occupy the property unless you have made an agreement with us. Lodgers, sub-tenants or anyone else that you have allowed to live in your home must leave with you when the tenancy ends.

End a tenancy

Complete and return this form.

See below for advice on everything you can do to end your tenancy as easily as possible.