Grants to help council tenants or leaseholder create your first parking space

If you don’t already have a parking space on your property and want to create one, you may be able to get a grant from us of up to £400 towards the cost of the work.

No retrospective applications are considered, so wait for your result from us before incurring any costs!

Things to consider

  1. You'll need to provide evidence of expenditure over £400, such as a copy of the contractor’s invoice, and we must inspect your works to ensure they are to the required standard
  2. Creating a parking space where there wasn't one before usually requires changes to the public highway, such as a dropped kerb. To do this, you will need to follow Worcestershire County Council's process using the link on this page
  3. Be sure to check if you need planning permission for any new hardstanding
  4. If you are not the landowner, for example if you are renting, you will need the landowner's permission
  5. The scheme cannot be used to create a second parking space.

Why a grant is available

The purpose of this grant scheme, which we call our In-Curtilage Parking Scheme (the curtilage of your property is the space around your house), is to encourage residents of Redditch to create initial off road parking within the boundaries of their own properties, in order to improve access, visual amenity and security throughout the roads and estates of Redditch.

The council is aware that the costs involved in creating off road parking can be significant and so considers it beneficial to offer financial assistance towards the cost of creating a vehicular access, by means of a grant of £400 to each successful applicant.

There are limited funds available in any one year and so applications are dealt with individually in date order of verified applications.

Apply for the grant

Complete and return this form. We will write to you with the result of your application.

Apply to drop a kerb

Apply to drop a kerb on the public highway at Worcestershire County Council Highways.

Contact us

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