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Safer, cleaner solid fuel heating in homes

Did you know?

*World Health Organisation

FuelNew StandardWhen


Small quantities (<2m3) 

'Wet wood' banned.

Moisture content 20% or less.

  • February 2021
  • February 2022 for small forestry operations

Large quantities (>2m3)

'Wet wood' to be sold:

  • with a warning that the wood is not suitable to be burnt without drying
  • with instructions for how to season the wood

Bituminous (traditional) house coal:



  • February 2021

Loose coal direct from approved coal merchants

Phased out

  • 2023

Manufactured solid fuel:

Existing standards for 'smokeless zones' extended to cover the whole of England.

Manufacturers will be required to prove:

  • very low sulphur content
  • only a small amount of smoke
  • February 2021