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Home Contents Insurance Application

Assumptions and Claims History

Please read the following assumptions that we have made about you and your home and tell us if the assumptions we have made are correct to the best of your knowledge and belief:

  • Your home is self-contained with its own separate lockable front door
  • The property is your permanent home and occupied only by yourself and members of your immediate family living with you
  • You do not regularly leave your home empty or unoccupied for more than 60 days
  • Your home is not used for running a business
  • You or anyone living with you has never been refused insurance, had insurance cancelled or had special terms imposed by an insurer
  • You or anyone living with you has never been convicted or charged with any offence, other than motoring offences, or has any prosecution or police enquiry pending.

Your quotation and policy will be based on the above criteria and the answers to the questions in the application. Please select the relevant option below to continue.

Are all of the assumptions correct?

  • If the assumption is NOT correct: Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with your application online, but this does not automatically mean that you cannot join the scheme. Please call us on to discuss your application further.
  • If all the assumptions ARE correct please proceed to Claims History

Claims History

Have any incidents occurred in the last five years which would have caused you to make a claim for household contents or personal effects, whether or not you were insured at the time? Yes / No

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