You can rent garages from us for your personal private use.

Anyone can apply to rent a garage, but we give priority to our tenants. You will not be offered a garage if you are our tenant and are in arrears with your rent.

See below for conditions of use.

If you apply for a garage you may have to go on a waiting list. We will let you know when you apply.

  • Garages non Council Tenant = £9.20 per week + VAT = £11.04 per week
  • Garages Council Tenant = £9.20 per week
  • Carport non Council  Tenant = £3.40 per week + VAT - £4.08 per week
  • Carport Council Tenant = £3.40 per week

To cancel your garage tenancy, you must give us written notice four full weeks ahead, starting from 12pm each Monday.

Council Tenants - Pay your garage rent

  1. By Direct Debit - complete and return this form.
  2. By standing order - complete and return this form.
  3. Online here.
  4. In person at one of our customer service centres.
  5. At a payzone® - if you need a swipe card, contact us.
  6. Over the telephone.

Non Council Tenants - Pay your garage rent

  1. By direct debit: Please complete and return this form
  2. By standing order: for non council tenants the details of how to pay by standing order are on the back of our invoice
  3. Pay online, pay online here
  4. You can pay in person at one of our Customer Service Centres
  5. Over the telephone using our automated telephone payment line

To apply for or cancel your garage rental

To apply for a garage please complete and return this application form.

To cancel your garage rental please complete and return this termination form.

Contact us

Contact your local Tenancy Management team here: Central, West, or East.