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Mutual exchange

If you want to swap your council or housing association home for a different property you can seek a mutual exchange with someone else who wants the same.

Mutual exchanges do not normally have to take place within a certain area, so two or more tenants of different councils or housing associations may choose to exchange with each other.

To make a mutual exchange you have to find someone willing to swap with you first, and then complete an application.


  1. Exchange with tenants inside or outside of Redditch
  2. Exchange with a tenant of a housing association
  3. Possibly avoid lengthy wait for a transfer
  4. You can be sure possible new properties are suitable for you and your family with a thorough inspection before you proceed


  1. You have to accept the new property in its present condition
  2. Other parties can pull out at any time up until you move
  3. You will have to accept responsibility for alterations carried out by the present tenant

Exchanges may be refused if:

  1. The property satisfies a special housing need that the applicant does not have
  2. It will result in overcrowding
  3. It will result in a property being under occupied
  4. It will aggravate housing management problems.

Find an Exchange

For help finding an exchange and matches to possible exchanges and home swaps try joining HomeSwapper. If you are a tenant with us, that service is free.


Once you have found a suitable exchange, all parties to the exchange will need to read our Exchange Conditions and complete our application

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