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You will need to register first if you haven’t already. After registering, you should complete, as fully as possible, the questions asked so that we can better understand your circumstances and offer advice and assistance tailored to your needs.  You will be contacted within 5 working days by a member of our team once you have answered all questions and submitted this to us.

Please only contact us via telephone if your query is unrelated to homelessness or if you are homeless today.


  1. The homelessness service during Coronavirus
  2. How homelessness legislation works
  3. Contact us about homelessness
  4. Appeal a homelessness decision
  5. National Homelessness Advice Service

The homelessness service during Coronavirus

As the Town Hall is closed for walk-in services (except for payment counters) owing to Coronavirus (Covid-19), our service is currently via telephone only in the first instance.

Once we have all the necessary information about your circumstances we can then decide what advice and assistance is appropriate.

A prearranged appointment will be held at the Town Hall only when circumstances prevent us from dealing with you over the phone. There will be strict Coronavirus safety controls in place.

Please be advised that local homelessness services may be limited during Coronavirus. Before contacting us please ensure you have made every attempt to alleviate your homelessness for the short to medium term, e.g. contacting friends and family for temporary accommodation, while we assist with your longer-term housing options.

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How homelessness legislation works

We have to assess whether you are ‘statutorily homeless’ under the relevant legislation, which is The Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.

This means assessing your circumstances and your needs to establish whether you are eligible for assistance.

You are considered 'statutorily homeless' if you are all of these things:

  1. Eligible for public funds and
  2. Have a connection to our local area (including having lived here, having close family living here, or being employed here) and
  3. Can prove you are unintentionally homeless and
  4. In priority need according to our housing policy.

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Contact us about homelessness

Here are our contact details. If you need to contact us outside our office hours you will need to use our out of hours contact details.

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Appeal a homelessness decision

You have the right to an appeal if you are not happy with the decision that we make in relation to your homelessness priority need.

Once we receive your appeal the law requires that we respond with a decision on whether your appeal has been successful within 58 days.

Make an appeal

State the reasons for your appeal in writing and send it to the council here addressed to the Housing Options Manager.

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National Homelessness Advice Service

The National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS), while not a public-facing service, has some useful advice on a range of services you may wish to access. It's all available on the NHAS website.

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