Home Choice

You can apply for council and housing association properties in Redditch here, using Home Choice: Redditch’s system for letting social housing fairly.

Home Choice lets you tell us which properties you are interested in and gives us a transparent way to make decisions. We decide who gets housing based on housing needs, including things like whether you are homeless, living in cramped living conditions, or have medical conditions being made worse by your current home.

Information you supply about your circumstances will give you a Home Choice priority ‘banding’ of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Priority as well as a points score. Generally speaking the higher your priority and score, the more likely you are to be successful when bidding for a property.

Find a home

Find a home here on Home Choice.

Bid for a home

There are three ways to bid.

  1. Visit Home Choice
  2. Phone the 24hr automated bidding line stating the property reference of the property
  3. Come to one of our customer service centres and speak to us.