Saving water

Water is precious and is often taken for granted. Because of the increase in homes being on water meters, climate change global warming, and more erratic patterns of rainfall causing shortages, with more and more homes being fitted with water meters, it makes sense to get into the habit of reducing your water usage. Reduce how much is used where possible.

Report mains water leaks to Severn Trent Water Ltd.

  1. Lag pipes to reduce the chance of pipes bursting due to frost. 
  2. Fix dripping taps.
  3. Use a bucket instead of a hosepipe to wash the car, van or bike.
  4. Have a shower instead of a bath or even share a bath.
  5. Keep a bottle of water in the fridge. You will not need to run the tap to get a cold drink.
  6. Wash dishes and vegetables using a washing-up bowl rather than under running water.
  7. If possible, use the bathwater to water the garden. This will also act as a chemical free insect repellent for your plants.
  8. Save rainwater to use in the garden. Rainwater is much better for your flowers and vegetables than tap water.
  9. Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe when watering the garden.
  10. Use soil-based composts in pots and hanging baskets as this type holds water better than non-soil composts.
  11. Add special water retaining crystals (available from garden centres) to compost. The crystals expand and hold water, which they release slowly as the plants need it.
  12. Put a brick in your toilet cistern so you use less water.
  13. Fit a dual-flush toilet and only use the long flush when you need to.
  14. Don’t run the tap when brushing your teeth. 
  15. See how much you spend on water and what you could save with this free online water calculator.