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What our learners say

"I  have really enjoyed this course..  Thank you for all your help and patience." 

Emma - ECDL Computer Course

"I finally learnt how to do long division!"

Paul - Maths

"This is the first time I have completed an online type course so I didn't know what to expect.  My fears were soon expelled by the excellent and friendly help from all staff, especially Jane and Gillian.   They were tremendous in every aspect.  Thanks to everyone." 

Gareth - Maths

"I hadn't done any learning since leaving school 15 years ago.  I didn't want a classroom type Maths course so I tried online learning.  The staff were amazing.  Really patient and was able to go over the topics as much as I needed without worrying about being left behind.  I stayed and completed three levels of Maths from beginners to GCSE and achieved certificates for them all.  I am so pleased, especially as I found a job as well."

"I think the learning online staff really help people progress, even when you have full time commitments.  The staff were fantastic, helpful and always very welcoming.  I've enjoyed my time here."

Lisa - ECDL Computer Course

"Thank you very much for all your help getting me through my Maths.  I thought I would never achieve it and wouldn't be able to complete my teacher training course.  You were all a great support." 

Grace - Maths - she is now a fully qualified teacher and setting up her own business

"My ability to seek employment has always been hindered by the lack of Maths skills.  I now have a greater choice of job opportunities, in addition to allowing me to complete higher education." 

Amanda - Maths

"Didn't like the idea of computer learning but my tutor was so encouraging and after years of trying to get my qualification I finally achieved my English at GCSE."

Sheila - English

"The standard of this course has been exceptional.  The tutors, especially my personal tutor, were of the highest standard I have ever experienced.  I have gained so much from this course in addition to my qualification.  My overall experience of the course is indicative of how hard the tutors work, and their commitment to the students.  They should receive a special award from Ofsted. "

Maria - Maths

"Since completing my Maths and English course my confidence and self esteem has grown and feel able to do home work with my children." 

Susan - English

"My tutor was really helpful and spent time with me to help understand the questions clearly.  This is the first time I have ever achieved a qualification and I am so happy". 

Jenny - Maths

"I have finished Entry Level 3 Maths with help and support from the tutors. This course has given me the confidence I have never had I am now on Level 1.  I am so happy I am planning to go onto further education".

LB - Maths

"This course helped me greatly in my confidence in Maths.  Before the course my Maths was poor but now I can see a great improvement."  Thanks.

Chris - Maths

"Thank you to everyone who helped me through my English and Maths.  This learning centre is amazing."

Sahyra - Maths and English