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Recognised qualifications

All our courses lead to a recognised qualification that demonstrates what you have learnt and what you can do. 

We work in partnership with Heart of Worcestershire College and use European Social Funding (ESF) and are qualified to deliver qualifications for three awarding bodies:

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Royal Society (OCR)
  2. BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS)
  3. National Open College Network (NOCN)

Qualification levels

If you are not sure what qualifications you have or what they mean, please ask us.

  1. Entry Level
    1. Entry Level certificates (levels 1 to 3) – working towards GCSE level
    2. Functional Skills Entry Level; ESOL Certificates; all awarding bodies offer qualifications at Entry Level
  2. Level 1
    1. GCSE grades D-G; NVQs Level 1; Vocational Qualifications; Foundation Diplomas; Functional Skills Level 1
    2. Level 1 Awards (1-12 credits);
  3. Level 2
    1. GCSE grades A*-C; NVQs Level 2; Vocational Qualifications Level 2; Higher Diplomas; Functional Skills Level 2(10 credits)
    2. Level 2 Awards (1-12 Credits); Certificate(13-36 Credits) Diploma (37+ credits)
    3. At this level you usually need to go onto further education or professional courses at Level 3 before accessing higher education. Check with a higher education advisor before enrolling.
  4. Level 3
    1. AS and A levels; NVQs Level 3; Vocational Qualifications Level 3; Advanced Diplomas; Access to High Education; Foundation Degrees
    2. Level 3 Awards (1-12 Credits); Certificate (13-36 Credits); Diploma (37+ credits)
    3. At this level you need to look at credits and tariff points if you are planning to go onto higher education. Check before enrolling that the course leads to recognised credits or tariff points.
  5. Level 4
    1. NVQs Level 4; Vocational Qualifications Level 4; Certificates of Higher Education; Honours Degree (Year 1); HNCs; Professional qualifications
    2. 120 credits
  6. Level 5
    1. Bachelor degree (Year 2); NVQs Level 5; Vocational Qualifications Level 5; Diplomas of Higher Education; HNDs; Foundation Degrees
    2. 240 credits
  7. Level 6
    1. Bachelor Degrees; Graduate Certificates and Diplomas; Vocational Qualifications Level 6; Professional graduate certificates
    2. 360 credits
  8. Level 7
    1. Masters degrees; Postgraduate certificates and diplomas ; Fellowships; Vocational Qualifications Level 7
  9. Level 8
    1. Doctorate degrees