Extra support on top of Housing Benefit

If your Housing Benefit or Housing Element of Universal Credit does not cover your rent you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) to support pay your rent.

The amount you receive and the length of time you receive it for depends on your personal circumstances. If your circumstances change, you must tell us as soon as possible. You might be committing benefit fraud if you choose not to report a change in circumstances.

“Discretionary” means we must decide whether to make a payment, or if there are other more sustainable options for you. Discretionary Housing Payments are not suitable for long term use.

Your Discretionary Housing Payment is usually paid along with your Housing Benefit.

You can't apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment to pay for:

  1. The cost of things included in your rent like fuel, water, meals or personal care
  2. Any extra payments you have to make because you are behind with your rent.

If you disagree with our decision

You can write to us to ask us to look at your case again within one calendar month of the date of our decision. We will write to you with our response. As these payments are at our discretion there is no further right of appeal.

Apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment

Make your benefit claim online here. If you cannot complete this form online, please contact us.

Discretionary Housing Payment Policy

Here you will find details on our DHP Policy

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