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Essential Living Fund

Our Essential Living Fund can provide emergency help if a resident is facing a financial crisis.

Our fund can help with essential food and top up vouchers for gas and electric.

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When you apply we may ask to see a bank statement as evidence of your financial situation. We are likely to ask for this if you need help with gas and electric or if you have needed to apply for the fund more than once.

Before you apply

If you are applying for the first time and only for a foodbank referral we will not ask you to to provide a bank statement.

If you need help with gas and electric you will need to upload a copy of your most recent bank statement in Section 4 of the application form.

Please note:
You need to send us full bank statements showing all transactions during the previous month going back from the day you apply.
We will not accept screenshots showing only your most recent transactions.
Example: If you were making an application on 1st April you will need to upload a full bank statement showing ALL transactions from 1st March up until April 1st

If you need help because a household benefit and/or income has stopped, you will need to upload evidence for this in Section 2 of the application form.

Please note: We can only help customers who use pre-payment meters.

If you have a standard energy meter we will not be able to help you with gas or electric.

If you need help you will need to contact British Gas or your energy supplier.

You could also apply for help from the Act on Energy Household Support Fund.

How to apply

To apply please complete our Essential Living Fund application form

Apply for Essential Living Fund


How we use your information

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