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Council Tax Support (CTS)

Warning Sign Tiny Coronavirus Update: NEW Test and Trace Support Payments - From 28th September 2020 the government have announced a new Covid support package to support residents to self-isolate. For more details about this support package and other Coronavirus updates from our benefits services press here.

Consultation Survey - We are consulting on potential changes to our Council Tax Support Scheme for 2021/2022, if you would like to answer our short survey please click on the following link.

Council Tax Reduction is a local scheme that helps residents on low incomes pay their council tax bill.

Every Local Authority has their own Local Council Tax Support scheme to help residents on low incomes pay their council tax bill.

The amount you can claim will depend on your household income, savings, entitlement for certain benefits and who lives with you.

Residents who have reached pension age are likely to get more support than working age residents.

If you are eligible for CTS, the amount of support you are entitled to is used to reduce your overall council tax bill.

We will send you a new bill with the reduced amount you need to pay.

For full details about our scheme please read our Council Tax Support Scheme document.

You may be eligible to claim if you are:

  • On a low income from employment, self employment, or benefits.
  • Are pension age and have savings less than £16,000.
  • Are working age and have savings less than £6000.

We advise using an independent benefits calculator to estimate how much CTS you could claim. You will need accurate information about your household income, outgoings, savings, benefits, and council tax bill to calculate an estimate.

You will also need this information to complete the CTS application form.

Second Adult Rebate is also known as an Alternative Council Tax Reduction. It is a rebate on your council tax bill if you live with another adult who is on a low income or claims certain benefits and they are not your partner, spouse or lodger.

You cannot claim Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate at the same time. If you happen to qualify for both we will offer you the discount that has the biggest reduction in your council tax bill.

More information can be found by visiting our Second Adult Rebate page.

If you have made a new application for UC you need to apply as soon as possible for our Council Tax Reduction Scheme to get all the support available to you. Your UC award will include all other living and housing costs except help to pay your council tax bill.

If you are eligible for UC it is likely you will be eligible to claim for a reduction in your council tax bill too.

If you have claimed UC and in the last 6 months and need to reclaim CTS you can complete our shortened application form for UC customers at our UC rapid reclaim form page.

This form can only be used if you have claimed CTS from us within the last 6 months. If you have not claimed council tax support before or haven't claimed for over 6 months we will need to ask you to complete a new application form.

To apply you will need to complete our Council Tax Support online application form.

The form will ask you details about everyone living in your household so we advise you gather the following information before starting the form.

  • Personal details for all members of your household e.g. National insurance numbers, dates of birth.
  • Financial information about any income, benefits, disability benefits and savings for each member of your household.

Our online form allows you to save your progress and return to it later if you need to.

When you start the form you will be given a 12 digit form reference code (a combination of capital letters and numbers). This code can be used to return to your partially completed form anytime.

Please note that when the form is saved it is not submitted. The date you submit your form is the day we receive it.

Apply for Council Tax Support

When you have submitted your application you will be asked to send us evidence of your circumstances. Find out more about supporting evidence in the section below.

When you have submitted your application form you will be provided with a list of supporting evidence you will need to send us.

This can be sent to us on our evidence upload page.

To types of evidence you will need to send will vary depending on your circumstances. Our evidence guide page explains what documents we need as evidence of your circumstances.

If you already claim Council Tax Support and need further help paying your Council Tax bill you can apply for our Council Tax Hardship scheme. This scheme is in place to help residents who find themselves facing unprecedented financial crisis or hardship.

You can find more information about our Council Tax Hardship scheme and how to apply by visiting our Council Tax Hardship Scheme page.

Independent Benefits Calculator

Independent Benefits Calculators GOV.UK

Council Tax Support Application form

Apply for CTS by completing our Council Tax Support Application form.

Council Tax Support Scheme

For details see our Council Tax Support Scheme document.