NEW Lifeline - Services for organisations

As well as providing Telecare services to those living in there own homes, we also offer a range of services to suit the needs of organisations both large and small.

Monitoring for Organisations.

NEW Lifeline offer a 24 hour a day Telecare monitoring service, operated by trained and experienced staff. We work closely with local authorities, housing associations, sheltered housing providers, charities and businesses to provide them a professional, consistent monitoring service.

We offer solutions to monitor all types of telecare equipment including sheltered schemes, dispersed units and additional peripherals such as GPS Trackers, property exit sensors, epilepsy sensors, falls detectors etc.

Our Monitoring centre utilises the Jontek Answerlink platform which provides us the flexibility to monitor the wide range of telecare equipment on the market and work with new developments in Telecare as they become available.

The NEW Lifeline Monitoring Centre is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year and we are audited yearly by the TSA (Telecare Standards Authority) to maintain our Platinum status.

We are able to tailor our offering to your needs from a 24 hour monitoring solution, or a part time solution to be diverted to when your own wardens or staff are off site.

Please call us on 01527 534060 or email us using the form on the right if you would like more details on our Monitoring solutions

Installations for Organisations 

In addition to our Monitoring Services, we offer a system design and installation service. If you need existing telecare equipment upgrading, replacing or a complete new installation of equipment we can help. Be it a small number of properties or working with our supply partners to provide a large scale telecare installation for a sheltered scheme. We have the skills and knowledge available to provide the appropriate system for your needs.

Call Handling/OOH 

We offer a flexible call handling service to meet your organisation’s needs.
Our team are experienced in taking a wide variety of ‘Out of hours’ calls for organisations including Urgent repairs, Environmental issues, and Dog wardens. We work closely with you to ensure that all information gathered through our call handling process is accurately recorded and fed back to you or passed onto a third party as instructed.

Our telephone systems will notify us when a call is intended for your organisation and we are able to answer your calls with your branding and in an agreed format.

We can offer an Out of hours answering service, training/meeting cover, or an emergency divert should you have to leave your premises in normal working hours.