Prices and payment

NEW Lifeline costs

  • £4.10 per week, plus VAT for a basic pendant alarm
  • A one-off Installation Charge:  £51.00

You may not have to pay the VAT if you are blind, deaf, dumb, or substantially and permanently handicapped by illness, injury or congenital deformity or by virtue of general frailty. You will need to fill in an exemption form, which we provide when we see you - or you can download it on this page.

How to pay

  1. By Direct Debit - complete and return this form.
  2. Online here.
  3. In person at one of our customer service centres.
  4. Over the telephone.

VAT exemption form

Complete and return this form.

Additional peripherals

Additional peripherals such as smoke detectors can be hired from as little as £1.30 plus VAT per week. You can find out more about Additional Telecare Options here