NEW Lifeline

Warning Sign TinyCoronavirus update: We will remain staffed and ready to assist 24/7 throughout the outbreak, and we continue to operate an installation and maintenance service to new and existing service users with added safety measures. Find out more here.

Our community alarm service provides peace of mind 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to vulnerable people in Redditch Borough and their families

It supports people who may be elderly, living alone for the first time, living with a disability or a serious health problem by linking their home directly to a high-tech monitoring centre that is always staffed by care experts.

We aim to provide confidence for people to continue to live independently in their own home and as well as the familiar pendant buttons and special Lifeline phones, some people also take advantage of extra facilities like linked up smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or key safes.

Our friendly, caring operators are fully trained to respond promptly in emergencies to summon the necessary help, advise family members or carers and reassure the user that help is on the way.

NEW Lifeline is accredited by the Telecare Services Association Code of Practice and holds the highest possible status, platinum, which means it has zero areas for improvement.

No need to have a telephone landline

You can now have all the peace of mind and security of NEW Lifeline in your home without the need for phone lines, sockets or extensions. Our new telecare alarm uses GSM technology, similar to mobile phones, using multiple network coverage for best performance and can be placed anywhere in your home that has the availability of an electric socket.

An additional charge for the cost of the roaming SIM is applicable. Please contact us for details