Electric vehicles

Here's information on the things we're doing relating to electric vehicles in Redditch Borough - and some government and industry advice too.

Ev Charging Sign

Charging points

Here's an online map of the charging points in the borough and beyond.

We will look to work with partners to incorporate electric vehicle chargers and taxi chargers as part of the upcoming Town Centre regeneration works.

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Replacement due for Worcestershire's first rapid chargers

We're investigating replacement options for the rapid chargers hosted on our premises, at Abbey Stadium and Greenlands Business Centre.

You might recall that these were the county council's first ever rapid chargers in Worcestershire! Now the original contract, between Worcestershire County Council and BP Chargemaster, is coming to an end.

Abbey Stadium charging points in 2016

The EV charging points in 2016, before the Abbey Stadium was painted green & run by Rubicon Leisure!

Talk to us about your local electric car needs

No driveway to charge on?

We are planning to bid for funding to be able to provide chargers in our car parks in areas where people may not have their own drives to charge electric cars overnight.

If this applies to you and you let us know, we can include your potential needs in this work. Here’s how to get in touch.

Join the WhatsApp group

We take part in an electric vehicle users WhatsApp group for North Worcestershire, administered by Midlands Energy Hub who are working with Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership.

If you want to take part in the group contact Alex.Pearson@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

Thanks for your feedback so far

Thanks to the 1,000 people across Redditch Borough and Bromsgrove District who filled in our ‘Future of Motoring Survey’. The results will help us to plan for the future. Look out for more info on the results of that survey in the future.

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Grants and advice from government and industry

Visit Go Ultra Low now to:

  • See what electric cars are available on the market
  • Calculate how much an electric car would cost you to buy and run – you might be surprised
  • Find grants for installing electric car chargers at your home
  • Find grants for installing electric car chargers at your business/workplace.

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Do councils dream of electric fleets?

We are in the process of commissioning a study by the Energy Saving Trust that could advise on a plan for going electric with our future council fleet.

If you manage a fleet and want to know more about this, visit the Energy Saving Trust here.

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Our Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles Strategy

Here is the strategy that underpins our local work on electric vehicles: the Redditch Borough Council Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles Strategy.

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Contact us

Here are contact details for our Climate Change and Energy Support team.

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