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Redditch e-scooter trial

Redditch Borough Council in collaboration with Bird are running an e-scooter trial across Redditch Town as part of the Department for Transport’s e-scooter trials.

Access to the e-scooters is via the Bird app which can be downloaded from google play or the app store

How to contact Bird

Email: and

UK phone number: 01484 509145

Twitter: @BirdRide

The following questions and answers should help you understand more about how the e-scooters are used.

Q1. Are the e-scooters allowed to ride on the pavement?

No, the e-scooters are only permitted to ride on the carriageway (not motorway) or on sections of the highway that cycles can use. These include shared pedestrian and cycle paths. It is illegal to ride e-scooters on the pavement. All riders will be made aware of where they may travel on the e-scooters and any reports of inappropriate use will be investigated with appropriate actions taken. More information on where rental e-scooters can be ridden can be found in the Bird app.

Q2. Will the e-scooters have a horn or bell to alert those with hearing impairments?

Yes, the e-scooters are fitted with a bell.

Q3. What speed will the e-scooters be allowed to travel at?

The maximum speed permitted by the e-scooters will be 15mph. However, we have implemented further reductions at certain points on the route and at certain times of the day to reflect high pedestrian footfall, including around schools, nurseries and hospitals.

Q4. Will the e-scooters have lights or reflectors?

Yes, the e-scooters are all fitted with headlights and tail lights as well as reflectors.

Q5. Where can e-scooters be parked?

The rider will be able to end their ride within the e-scooter operating boundaries determined by and agreed with Redditch Borough Council, as long as they are non-obstructive and properly parked. Inappropriate parking will be investigated with appropriate actions taken.

Q6. During the trial, will privately owned e-scooters be legal to use on the road? 

No, only e-scooters provided on a rental basis by Bird will be legal to use on the road. All privately owned e-scooters will not be permitted on the highway. Violations to this are enforceable by the Police.

Q7. Can anyone rent an e-scooter during the trial? 

No, there are a number of requirements that must be met. To rent an e-scooter, a driving licence or a provisional driving licence is required. The user must also be over 18 years of age. Violations to this are enforceable by the Police.

Q8. Are the e-scooters covered by an insurance policy? 

Yes, Bird hold all relevant insurance coverage as required and this has been approved by DfT.

Q9. Will helmets be provided?

Although helmet use is not a requirement by the DfT as part of the national e-scooter trials, we do strongly recommend that helmets are worn when using the e-scooters. To encourage helmet use, Bird will be providing free helmets at public events during the trial, when these are permitted in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

Q10. What are the local rules to the rental e-scooter trial in Redditch?

  • You can only ride if you are 18 years old or above 
  • You can only ride with a valid provisional or full driving licence
  • You cannot ride on the pavement or footways
  • No dual-riding
  • We strongly encourage wearing a helmet
  • Be respectful to your community, other riders, pedestrians and road users
  • Enjoy!