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We provide a range of beautiful commemorative memorial options at Redditch Crematorium and in the cemeteries across the area, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Please contact us here to discuss any of these options. Here are the relevant documents, price lists, and forms if you want to browse them.

The Book of Remembrance at Redditch Crematorium

An entry in the Book of Remembrance is a popular and inexpensive lasting form of memorial.

As well as a name and lines of text, motif options are available for longer entries and may include including the badge, crest or motif of an armed or civilian force, sporting club, society or other organisation.

You can also take home personal copies of Book of Remembrance inscriptions if you wish, in either deluxe leather miniature books or memorial cards.

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Memorial benches

Beautiful wooden effect memorial benches can be inscribed, either on the top rail for up to 40 letters, or on a replaceable plaque for up to 60 letters.
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Memorial bird baths

Elegant bird bath memorials have motif inscription options and are available in five different sizes.
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Memorial gardens

If a private memorial garden is desired, complete with the rights to erect a memorial, we will help to make the arrangements. Please speak to us if you are considering this premium option.
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Memorials by masons

We can help with the simple application process to erect your own memorial in our cemeteries, including help with using a properly registered Memorial Mason.
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Memorial plaques

There are several different types of memorial plaque available in different locations and for different requirements.

Plaques mounted on the wall at Redditch Crematorium

Indoor and outdoor wall plaque memorials are available at Redditch Crematorium.

Indoor plaques:

Indoor plaques are mounted inside the crematorium itself. They are polished black granite that can have up to 70 letters inscribed over up to four lines, and up to 140 letters over eight lines on a double plaque, with the lettering finished in gold leaf. All the lettering space can be used at once, or some can be reserved for future use.

Outdoor plaques:

Outdoor plaques are mounted in the memorial gardens overlooking the Worcestershire countryside. These are inscribed plaques that include space for a small design or photo. There are various options, so please contact us to discuss.

Plaques mounted on posts

These memorial plaques are mounted individually on wooden posts and come with motif options for the inscription. We can provide a replacement service for this type of plaque.

Plaques mounted on octagonal planters

These plaques are mounted together on serene stone octagonal planter and come with tablet, motif, and photo options for the inscription. They are available in selected cemeteries only, please ask.
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The Memorial Tree at Redditch Crematorium

A memorial of one or more leaves on our indoor Memorial Tree, displayed in the Floral Hall, is a poetic and inexpensive memorial.

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Memorial vaults

These impressive stone memorial vaults can have up to two sets of cremated remain interred in them. There are tablet, motif, and photo inscription options.
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