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Burials and cremations during Coronavirus

As part of our efforts to protect you, our staff, and others during Coronavirus (Covid-19), practices for burials and cremations have changed.

These changes are designed to reduce safety risks to everyone.

As of May 17

The Government has lifted the limit on the number of people that can attend funerals, which includes full burials in cemeteries. The Government has not lifted the limit on the number of people who can attend the burial of cremated remains, which remains limited to up to 15 people.

This means that:

  • An unlimited number of people can attend full burials at cemeteries
  • An unlimited number of people can attend funerals at Redditch Crematorium (up to 55 in the building itself - see below)
  • Up to 15 people can attend burials of cremated remains.

Redditch Crematorium's Covid-secure capacity

An unlimited number of people can now attend funerals.

The internal capacity of Redditch Crematorium itself, while reduced to be Covid-secure, is up to 55 people:

  • Up to 30 people in the chapel (all seated)
  • Up to 15 people in the lobby (standing only), and
  • Up to 10 people in the waiting room (6 seated and 4 standing).

An unlimited number of additional attendees can be permitted outside the building, with the use of speakers playing audio from the service.

For everyone's ongoing safety, attendees are expected to check in with Track & Trace, either via the the NHS QR code or our own.

During services mourners will be expected to:

  • Remain in their cars prior to the funeral arriving, and
  • Take any tissues and service sheets with them afterwards.

Masks or face coverings are required during attendance.

In addition at the crematorium we have:

  • Added hand sanitiser stations
  • Created one way systems and distance markings
  • Spaced out chapel pews, and
  • Removed hymn books.

Webcasting services remain free

The council continues to pay for webcasting services that enable people to view and 'virtually' attend funerals at Redditch Crematorium from a distance, which means the services are still available for free.

Why this has changed

We must regularly update our arrangements based on the latest national restrictions from the Government, and the latest Public Health England guidance for managing a funeral during the pandemic and industry standards, and in the context of the layout of the crematorium building.

Please consider the risk to yourself and your family of choosing to attend funerals in person. Although safety measures are in place, the more people who turn up, the greater the likelihood of Coronavirus spreading.

This advice remains subject to further change at short notice

More Coronavirus information

Redditch Borough Council is working with partners and key agencies to stay up to date in receiving top-level guidance on Coronavirus, and will be taking appropriate action across its services as required. To check service updates during the outbreak please visit