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Scam warnings

Scammers often pretend to be us. Whether it's online, on the phone, or sometimes even on your doorstep, some criminals think they can trick you into trusting them, by posing as the council... but unlike us, they can never prove they are who they say they are.

Scam SM

Here are some scams we've seen recently, and how you can spot them. Stay sharp out there!

Fake housing / Council Tax scam

On March 17 2022, we issued a warning that phone scam fraudsters had been reported posing as the council.

The scammers:

  • Called a council tenant from 01204 200 185 claiming to be from Redditch Borough Council Housing.
  • Knew the person's name, national insurance number, full address, and layout of their property.
  • Said they'd had a complaint about the condition of the person's home and that they had a warrant to gain entry and check.
  • Said the person owed Council Tax and could pay the balance over the phone to avoid prosecution.

Thankfully, the person smelled a rat and checked with us. Remember:

Anyone can say they are from the council, but only we can prove it. And it’s easy to check that we are who we say we are, if you are in any doubt: just call our known and published main office numbers. We will always be happy to wait if you want to check that we're legitimate.