Official information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information during the outbreak. Information applies until further notice.



Measures are being developed to support people through COVID-19. We will list them here as they become available.

Reopening High Streets Safely
Financial help for business and self-employed
Rent and financial advice for our council tenants
Problems paying your Council Tax?
Re-opening businesses risk assessments and support
Get coronavirus support as an extremely vulnerable person
Coronavirus and claiming benefits
Domestic abuse support
Get or give help in the community
Relaxed enforcement of business delivery hours
Energy & heating support

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Services affected

Here are the current effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our services.

Area (press to sort)
Children Advice from Children's Centre staff may be available by telephone only.
Council The Town Hall is closed to the public.
Lifeline Extra safety measures are in place as we remain staffed and ready to assist 24/7.
Bereavement Please consider the risk to yourself and your family of attending a funeral in person. Safety measures in place before, during and after funerals. Redditch Crematorium is closed except for burials and funerals.
Leisure Sports and activity sessions delivered directly by our teams are suspended.


All choice-based letting is suspended except in very exceptional circumstances.


We are only entering people's homes for emergencies.


All services including for homelessness are available by telephone only.

Leisure The Arrow Valley Visitor Centre, Pitcheroak Golf Course, Redditch Palace Theatre, Abbey Stadium Sports Centre, Forge Mill Needle Museum, and our Community Centres are closed. Rubicon Leisure has more information.
Leisure Play areas and outdoor equipment in parks and open spaces are closed.
Leisure Advice on using allotments at this time has been issued.

Planning Committee is taking place using a virtual format and will be viewable via a live stream.


Temporary arrangements are in place for some of our Planning services including the householder planning service, paper submissions, site visits and requests for the relaxation of conditions limiting hours of work on construction sites.

Learning Learningonline sessions are suspended. Current learners are being supported remotely.
Building Decisions on whether to carry out visits under Building Control inspection arrangements are being made on a case by case basis.
Community Redditch Dial A Ride community transport is limited to transport to medial appointments for people who can enter and exit the vehicles unaided.

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Up to date wider information

LOCAL: Worcestershire County Council - Coronavirus LOCAL: Redditch Partnership information
NATIONAL: UK Government response to Coronavirus NATIONAL: Social distancing advice
NATIONAL: Protect the NHS leaflet

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