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How can I get involved in Overview & Scrutiny?

There are a number of ways you can keep up to date and get involved in the work of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee:

Attending Meetings

By attending Overview and Scrutiny meetings you can follow the progress of current Task Group reviews in person. Meetings usually take place at the Town Hall in Redditch.

All Overview and Scrutiny meetings are open to the public and members of the public are very welcome to come along. However, if the Committee needs to discuss confidential information regarding an item on the agenda, the press and members of the public will be asked to leave the room during the discussion.

For further information about forthcoming meetings of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee or to access copies of the agenda and minutes from previous meetings of the Committee please view theĀ Browse MeetingsĀ section for Overview and Scrutiny on the Council's website .

Submitting Evidence to an Inquiry

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee welcomes views or comments from members of the public in connection with any of their reviews. If you would like to submit evidence or to discuss a particular review please contact us

Suggesting a Topic for Inquiry

Is there anything you would like the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review? The Overview and Scrutiny Committee welcomes suggestions and will consider issues put forward by any members of the public, interest groups or businesses.

Suggestion for reviews must:

  • Affect a group of people living within Redditch Borough; or
  • Relate to a service, event or issue in which the Council has a significant stake or over which the Council has an influence; but
  • Not relate to an individual service complaint; and
  • Not relate to matters dealt with by another Council Committee.

To suggest a topic for scrutiny you may wish to complete a scrutiny proposal form. This form can be either returned to your local Councillor or to one of the Democratic Services Officers.